AVAILABLE "Littera Scripta Manet" 70 x 50 cm (wood), Mixed media, inks, gold gauache on black arches 140 g

AVAILABLE  "Letters are mixed", 33 x 79 cm, Acrylics on wood, brush

AVAILABLE  "Adjust the sails", 45 x 33 cm, brush, gouache on Arches watercolor paper

AVAILABLE  "Great" - 42 x 62 cm, watercolor,
embossing, inks on watercolor paper

AVAILABLE  "Knjižnica" (transl. Library), 58 x 85 cm (wood), mixed media
on watercolor paper stick on wood in a shape of a page of the book

SOLD in Lucca, Italy

SOLD in Lucca, Italy

SOLD - Venice, Italy

AVAILABLE "Calligraphy" 43 x 65 cm, watercolor brush,
collage on watercolour paper

SOLD in Mexico City

Info and comission:
Loredana Zega

0038631 370 486