material included IN ALL WORKSHOPS

4. – 6. August 2017 : SCRIPTS = 145 €
(Uncials, Carolingian, Gothic Textura, Fractura, Batarda, Rotunda, Italic or Roman caps with brush - LOREDANA ZEGA)
(and Copperplate with a great master - ANA AUBELL)
Calligraphy workshop is designed for a wide audience, even to those who think that they are not really artistically gifted! :) On the calligraphy class you will learn ONE of the scripts. First you will learn how to hold a pen and how to mix your own ink. Soon you will recognize the harmony of the elements that calligraphy world consist of and this will help you to know your chosen script better as also to remember all the new letters! Of course there is a lot of excercise that awaites you... And after 3 hours of practicing you will say: "But it can't be already the end!"

7. – 8. August 2017 : Possible INDIVIDUAL HOURS
... or individual work in atelier - studio

9. August 2017: CREATIVE EMBOSSING = 47 €

I was always fascinated about this technique! The letters which are rising from the paper are just gorgeous! In these years I have discovered milion options and started to experiment with the colours, metal leaves and different pressures… And now I will guide you through all these materials, designing, cutting to the final piece!

10. August 2017 : BRUSH small – big – tekstures = 47 €
Brush is a delicate tool and it requiers all discipline and patience. I just admire this tool and all the traces that it makes. Once you get to know each other well you will fall in love, too… I will have many semplars of dry brush alphabets, that you will be able to try different possibilities. Through the day we'll be also exploring layering and brush textures which will be fun and extremly creative!
So, come and try to dance with it!

11.- 13. August 2017: How to apply GOLD and metal colours to your works on WOOD = 165 €
Through little examples and sketches we will be discovering the possibilities of applying metal colours to your final piece. We will try many different colour combination to see what goes together and what doesn't, planning a design through textures and weights... We will be discovering wood as a surface and possibilities that it offers. This adventure will be a wonderful experience in order to create something unique and different to all kind of works that you have already done... Just come and dive with us!


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ACCOMODATION (not included in a price) 
Village Skocjan, Divaca
I can help you to make reservation for your staying...

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