CV – Loredana Zega

I'm a devoted freelance calligrapher and an artist with a rich creative energy and a strong passion for work. As almost every child I was fascinated by colours! When I was only 9 I totally fell in love with letters and dance in the same time! At the age of 15 my calligraphic flambeau was chosen from 400 and it was given to a pope John Paul II. After finishing high school in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, I started to write exercise books for teaching calligraphy and I opened my own calligraphy company at the age of 21. Through teaching I gained a lot of practical knowledge, but that wasn't enough for me. I found an organisation which holds an English National diploma in Calligraphy and organises calligraphy master classes (The Calligraphy Lettering Art Society - CLAS - London). I finally gained the National Diploma in Calligraphy in 2007 intermediate level and in 2013 – advanced level, passed with distinction.
For the last 10 years I've been working for many private clients and institutions such as: National Gallery and National Museum of Slovenia, creating and writing in medieval scripts, demonstrating calligraphy throughout Slovenia. In 2010 I got the Cerificate for the most inovative 3D piece and 
in 2014 for the most creative piece on the Art and the Letter exhibition in British Library in London.
The last few years I've been exploring new writing bases and tools, combining writing with music and dance. Therefore I attended some contemporary art, dance and calligraphy master classes at home and abroad (Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Slovenia) which opened my mind and gave me a lot of new aspects of my work. With a professional colleague Aleš Bajec - videographer, we created a performance "Dance the Letters" which was repeated many times in the past 4 years. For one video, which is a part of the performance, we gained the 1st prize by Art University Nova Gorica - Slovenia.
Now I'm occupied mostly with lighting projects in the interior design area and passionate about wall inscriptions, wood, glass... b
esides teaching and travelling of course. 
These years 2014 and 2015 are really busy. I successfully finished with teaching on two workshops in Germany. Now comes Italy. In mArch I will be in Belgium and France - teaching two slovenian groups. In Copenhagen I work on a very big wall. In April I am teaching in Venice and in June I have my performance in Rennes – France. Then comes San Francisco calligraphy conference in July, where I will be teaching dry brush again and experimental embossing and I will perform “A day of calligrapher” performance...

"My pieces contain letters and soul ... My products are small and illuminated, decorated with gold and written with precision, steady hand and patience nerves ...
But they are also huge, written with a broom on the floor at airports, streets, cars. My characters are unique, special and unforgettable. My pieces are everything I am ...

I am ... a calligrapher!


1.  2006 June – Mašun: 
Various calligraphic techniques, from watercolour to illumination

2.  2006 July – National Gallery - A copy of initial letter “B” from Ms. 777

3.  2006 September – Gallery Riemer – Slovenske Konjice, Slovenia:
Various calligraphic techniques: from embosing to innovative family trees

4.  2008 December – Library of France Bevk – Nova Gorica, Slovenia:
Acrilic sgrafitto technique on big plexi glasses in various transparent colours, written in freestyle calligraphy… 

5.  2009 November – Gallery Na Vogalu - Postojna - Acrilic sgrafitto technique on glass lamps

6.  2009 December - Library of France Bevk – Nova Gorica, Slovenia:  - Acrilic sgrafitto technique on glass lamps

7.  2010 September – National Gallery of Slovenia
A copy of one folio from exhibited manuscript from Manuscripta exhibition and four inscriptions plus enlarge initials on walls

8.  2010 October – Library of France Bevk – Nova Gorica, Slovenia: Small innovative books in various materials and special calligraphy. 

9.  2014 March - Stanislav Kregar Gallery - Big scale calligraphy on wood

10.  2014 April - Pettenbach - Schriftmuseum - Austria - Dry brush, wood, engraving


1.  2008 July – Exhibition of Slovene Home and Artificial craft – Slovenj Gradec
Some examples of priceless commission for ordinary people and protocol gifts

2.  2010 March – CLAS Art and the Letter Exhibition – British Library, London, England
A unique lamp in sgrafitto technique, freestyle calligraphy - Awarded as most innovative calligraphy piece in exhibition

3.  2010 September – National Gallery of Slovenia - a copy of one of those manuscripts for people to touch and look closely to it.

4.  2011 October -  Exhibition "Text in image", JSKD, Vipavski križ, Slovenia

5.  2012 March – CLAS Art and the Letter Exhibition – British Library, London, England
an art work: »7 deadly sins« in 3D technique, embossed and illuminated 

6.  2012 May – The Mobile Global Exhibition »Show your hope«, Foundation 80 Questions, Neetherlands

7. 2012 October – In collaboration with a sculptor Andrej Kos: Exhibition: Unrevealed Stories

8. 2012 november – Group exhibition on a conference Focus Europa – »Europa Scriptorium« with 7 great european calligraphers: Jean Larcher, Katharina Pipper, professor Ewan Clayton, Margaret Morgan, Andrea Wunderlich, Helene C. Jenssen and Lieve Cornil
February 2013 - Film Fest kontrast, Bayreuth, Germany
March 2013 - Kunststraße Bad Berneck, Germany 
April 2013 - Library Bayreuthu, Germany
June 2013, Schriftmuseum Bartlhaus, Pettenbach, Avstrija,  
Sept. 2013 - Library Bayreuth, Germany, Presentation of works and project Europa Scriptorium by organiser Andrea Wundelich 
Sept. 2013, History Museum, Bayreuth
October 2013, Art Academy Berlin, Germany 
December 2013 - January 2014, Castle Plassenburg in Kulmbachu, Germany

9.  2013 March – CLAS Art and the Letter Exhibition – British Library, London, England
my innovative "underwater" oil sgrafitto technique in an art piece "She knows"

10.  2014 March – CLAS Art and the Letter Exhibition – British Library, London, England


1.  From 2004 – Copies from a document of founding a town Bled, from year 1004
Exhibited permanently on a Castle Bled, Slovenia. Customer: National Museum of Slovenia

2.  From 2008 – Copy of one folio from a Stična manuscripts
Exhibited permanently in Museum of Christianity, on a medieval table affront a scribe at work, Slovenia


1.  September 2011 – Multimedia project "Dancefloor of Letters"
The 1st prize by Art University Nova Gorica - Slovenia. (in collaboration with Ales Bajec)

2.  September 2011 – "Dance the Letters!" – Calligraphy dance performance, Slovenia (many repetitions)

3.  December 2011 – Intervention in Space: "Birth of a Letter", Venice, Italy

4.  May 2012 – »Tell me with Letters!", Slovenia

5.  September 2013 – »Strings and Letters« - Acoustic guitar (italian guitarist Nazzareno Zacconi)  with live calligraphy performance, 
Slovenia (4 all unique repetitions) and Italy (Il Teatro Apollo)