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Description of  beginner level Calligraphy workshop:
are designed for a wide audience, even to those who think that they are not really artistically gifted! :) On the calligraphy class you will learn one of the scripts. First you will learn how to hold a pen and how to make your own ink. Soon you will recognize the harmony of the elements that calligraphy world consist of and this will help you to know your chosen script better as also to remember all the new letters! Of course there is a lot of excercise that awaites you... And after 3 hours of practicing you will say: "But it can't be already the end!" 
So there is an exciting experience in sourcing new, wonderful knowledge that is awaiting you!            

Calligraphy workshops with Loredana Zega...


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It works like that:
The organiser contacts me and tell the initerest about organisation of calligraphy class in their city. When we confirm an exact date he can post an advertising of my class or a workshop in their city (anywhere in the world:)) and I come to teach. The organiser can choose his own schedule of my classes and combine different workshops and scripts... The organiser pay my price for teaching per day, the travel expenses and accomodation... That's it!  As simple as that... For more info you can write me on my e-mail...

Yours, Loredana Zega